How do we justify our actions that has been misconstrued as something else other than what we are intending to show?  Is there a way to talk yourself out of that quandary? Better yet, do you need to counter everything with reason? For us, who are more sensitive than others, it’s a blatant denial of the words you uttered and their implications. We may find it degrading to have the need to explain each situation just to clear the misconception. We have perceived things to be the way we’ve shown them. no hidden agendas, no ulterior motives. We get hurt to have been misled, misread and misunderstood.
Pride will make us stay away, retreat, and walk on eggshells everytime. And in every situation, we will think twice on how to act and speak when we’re around you. We will not bother to refute the perceptions, we will simply move away. Don’t patronize us, we will see right through them. Whatever good intentions you have, will leave us in doubt and question our faith. Whatever we have going, will all be wasted, thrown and forgotten.
We will not be looking back, we will nurse our hurts on our own time and move forward. When the time comes that we feel ready to open up again, it will not be with you. You may have become a speck of dust that settled in our eyes but got washed away by the tears. Time will show you what you’ve thrown away, what you’ve missed. But you’ll nevet get it back and the only thing you have left is regrets.

The thing that had us drawn to you, will be the thing that will keep us away. We will not tell you, we will not go back. The remnants of what was once was, will be pushed aside. Kept hidden and forgotten. That part of us you took away, will remain  void and empty. We will not be wasted, we will not be broken. We will not be trampled, we will not shrivel.

We will leave you in the past, a scab on a wound that will eventually heal and disappear.


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