This thing called life

wp-1476451955389.jpgLife isn’t life if not for other people. Meeting somebody, anybody or nobody is like adding spice to your lousy days. It’s a roller coaster ride, a series of ups and downs, of loops and circles. It has a funny way of tapping you in the back when things are going nowhere and you are about to lose track.
Looking back, I can say, that I have had one hell of an adventure. My future is becoming less hazy, my past, on the other hand, is a different story.
Friendship is the basic foundation of every relationship. It is an indispensable trait in people. As John Donne once said, “no man is an island.” We all have a jerk in us. The mushy. The nerds. The weirds, although in different degrees. We just can’t help it. Call it human nature, but everyone hates to be alone. We tend to look for ways to meet somebody, talk about life and whatnots, our frustrations, our hang-ups, our happy times. Technology made it even easier, just create an account and viola’! People! Our circles have grown bigger; we can reach people from all walks of life in different parts of the globe that easily. Being ignorant is a far off cry from being innocent. I pride myself from being none of these things and yet, the blunder I committed was one that would be stitched in memory forever.
The belief that I know how to handle myself and that I am infallible, was soon shattered when I gave myself freedom to explore my feelings and be emotionally carefree. Being affable is how I met this somebody who would later on become one of my life’s pretty surprises.
It all started with a simple “hello”, waiting for the person on the other end to answer me back, and he did. We began conversing like we’ve known each other for a long time. The long boring days of being cooped up in the house and the redundancy of office life, turned into something wonderful. The novelty of being wooed, of being needed and looked up to; had me drawn, like a moth to a flame. I have been slowly drifting away from reality and succumbing to new emotions that I am starting to feel. Being alone and depressed, added fuel to the fire and I exploded. What was once harmless became a hazard I cannot evade. I have been fuzzy and drunk, being unable to distinguish black from white, but his aloofness was what jolted me awake.
The furor dwindled and I was pulled back to earth, reality became more vivid, the past, a memory. The feelings I flaunted unabashedly was just the thrill of the chase; unreal, untrue. I was left dumbfounded and bereft. Lost and bewildered, I looked for answers inside of myself. I bide my time, until the shamefulness ebbed. 
The bond we shared that faded with time, rekindled.
He is my twin flame, my long lost friend. Like my soul finally found its mate and decided to use fate to help us find the other. There was nothing we can’t talk about; openly blurting out what was on our minds, no dull moments, no hesitations, no restrictions. There are often times that one of us would say what the other was thinking about or knowing what the other is going through without them even saying so.
He may not be my better half, but for me he is like a best friend, my boy Friday, my alter ego.
Ours may not be a conventional relationship, we may not be together physically, but the friendship that we built, is one that I will cherish and nourish over time.
Life itself is a mystery waiting to be unraveled, a gift that we open everyday, never knowing what’s in store. We forge the chain that binds us with other human beings and we decide whether to break it or make it stronger.


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