10 facts about sophie

1. I am a voracious reader.

reading is my life. Whatever i find interesting, or anything that catches my attention, i take time reading. Novels, essays, self help, advice, horoscopes, facts 

2. I am shy. 

I may come across as a snob or a prude, but im telling you, i am not. I just don’t get close and comfy with people that easily. I have the tendency to wait things out and observe people first, before i open up. And when i do, i do it with a bang. I always want conversations to be light and fun. But i can also be serious when a situation warrants it.

3. I am a homebody.

I prefer alone time rather than parties and gatherings. Although, if i like the company, i can endure for a few hours.

4. I have a tendency to let my mind drift while having a conversation.

When i answer you in monosyllables while conversing, it’s easy to catch me if I’m not listening. Just ask a question that is not answerable by yes or no. You will know it by the way i will answer

5. When giving instructions and i did not answer, it means, i did not hear you.

Especially when you know that i am watching T V. Theres a hundred percent chance that your message did not go through.

6. I am not a morning person.

i am mr. scrooge in the morning. I only get better, once i had my coffee.

7. I am a coffee addict.

anything that has coffee in it, i will not decline. Coffee and me, are meant to be.

8. I am an obssessive-compulsive.

Not that OC, only when it comes to arrangement. My books are arranged per author and alphabetical per title. My clothes are folded according to type, my blouses, separate from tees, and sleeveless shirts and shorts. Clothes hangers are arranged according to type and size.

9. I am a stickler for clean bathrooms.

i find it uneasy and uncomfortable to pee and poop when the water closet is dirty. And i don’t like hair on the drainage drain and hair on soap.
10. I am a very frustrated writer.

I write anything that i am feeling ATM, whether it be about my frustrations, love, my innermost thoughts and anything i had an idea about. This blogsite is proof of my heartfelt attempt at becoming a writer.

These are crazy facts that i know about myself. This is how i see myself and hopefully how other people in my life know me. Take it or leave it……



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