Today it felt right
So i tried to write
I held my pen,
I count to ten

closing my eyes
the memories rise
making the words flow
letting everything go

like wielding a sword
striking through every word
piercing the hardest of hearts
loving all its shattered parts

each part holds a story
that tells of love
of loss
of triumphs and tribulations

it is all empty now
emotions hollow
the starkness of desire
the heat of the fire

all barren and bare
nothing more to spare
so i laid in wonder
all thoughts asunder


Sophie’s thoughts

A woman’s call


a companionable silence, 
an air of intense longing, 
an aura of warmth and meek seduction.

I have been waiting for an eternity,
to find what my heart is looking for.
A someone who can bring me to the heights of ecstasy and fulfillment;
a euphoria of unexplainable emotions 
brought about by the aftermath of an interlocking union. 
An exchange of bodily heat and stupor, 
of consummated energy and will.
Dazed by what was to become 
an overwhelming mutuality of love and passion.
Of two souls bound as one.
In body.
In mind.
In spirit.

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