i sit and wait
for inspiration
for intervention
for revelation

not seeing
not hearing
not knowing

so i sat some more
waited a little bit more
sighed louder

until the heavens heard
and opened
my mind
my eyes
my soul

for all the while
i was waiting
i was searching
i was praying

it was right in front of me
right before my eyes
standing beside me
holding my hand
never letting go

it was you, my dear
all the while
all along
all of the time……..


Today is a fine day
I sit to write anything nice
I turn around to find you
nowhere there.

I stare blankly
sipping my coffee
Feel my brain being anywhere
but here

Jumbled words
empty words
I missed the point
I got messed up

To the vestiges of my amygdala
To the lump of muscle called heart
Celestial yet infernal
nothingness. Aloneness

I turned around
I looked beyond
You’re still nowhere to be found
Like a daydream

I stirred my coffee
I saw my reflection vanish
swirling. spiralling
Out of control

I blinked
I awoke
I saw the void
The blank space

We were’nt anything
But blank spaces
Never seeing
Never meeting


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Gracefully adulating with the rhythm, as old as time
Communing with the melody of the soul
Exorcising hurtful thoughts
The heart beats with intense longing
Transcending all other emotions
The world she knew spins ceaselessly into space
Until it stopped.
Cautiously, she whispered
Like the dust, it fell into sullen ground
She wept.
Her tears cascading down like pearls
As hard as rocks but emanates beauty
That only a discerning eye can see
For the world she deemed to love
Refused to shine that beacon of hope
To nurture and to keep
From the caverns of her soul,
she would wait
For that glimmer of hope to appear
Until her psyche leaves her
Out of breath. Out of life.

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Shut out the light
Remain in the night
Keep the sun from shining
Keep the rain falling
I will shed not a single tear
I will swallow every fear
Stand in the shadows of my past
Let not the light pass

Let forever be a nobody
Let me not see its face
Drown me in your sorrow
I know not about tomorrow
Leave me in the darkness
Spare me not any glances

Never look back
Never stray
The scars of my past
A sorrow that will last
Embedded in the heart
Of a love’s great part

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Loving you


And I love you so
How much, you already know
As far as my soul can reach
Loneliness can never breach

Panning the years
Of happiness and tears
It’s always been you
Who I come home to

Every minute of everyday
Though far and away
In the dark of night
Until the morning light

Ambiguity and clarity
Lunacy and sanity
Of warmth and heat
Down and upbeat

For seeing and being
For my heart sighing
The highs and lows
The promises and vows

Of that which already is
Of that which will always be
Of you and me
Of yesterday and today

And I love you so
How much, you already know
From yesterday til tomorrow
I will be yours
from now
Til forever

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If only


I was restless, i was blue
I was lonely, doesn’t even have a clue
I was looking for something new
Then i bumped into you

In a room full of people
Everyone willing to mingle
You stood out in the crowd
I called for you in a voice so loud

You smiled and said hello
So i smiled and gave it a go
We talked for hours on end
Like peas in a pod we blend

Without faces, without traces
We shared woes, we shared praises
Words were all we have to give
Words were enough to live

If only it was true
If only it was you
If only you were here
If only you were near

The words are now unspoken
The bond we shared was broken
The memories have faded
The room is now jaded

One hello was not enough
To last when things get rough
What we shared, how we cared
Are just figments i snared

If only it was real

Then, you would feel

How it is to be shunned

How it is to be stunned

Sad goodbye

wpid-wp-1447896526105.jpgmy friend, i hate to do this
but our friendship just can’t last
the times we shared together
has faded into dust

i knew that this could happen
that our friendship is bound to end
i felt there’s no more reason
for me to be your friend

the promises were broken
with words unspoken
i am finally saying goodbye
with a tear in my eye

with a heavy heart
this is the only way to part
So long my friend
this will be the end

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Nude. Stripped
Unclad. Unclothe
Sweet torment
Lilt. Height
Heat. Scorch. Burn

Your passion against mine
Don’t let me shiver to death this time
Give me ecstasy. Fulfillment. Rapture.
Exultation. Release

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Picture a place in your mind
Take a deep breath, let the gears grind
Count to ten and release
Feel your inner peace

Lay down your head
Your body as heavy as lead
Be numb from the aches
Be deaf from the quakes

Put everything down
Purge all your frown
Own the night
Until the morning light

Drown all your sorrows
Bury them in the burrows
Revel in the sun
Until the tears are gone

Stand still
Stand tall
Conquer it all
In your mind

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I’ve been thinking of words to say
to thank you each and everyday
searching for words that rhyme
that will go against the time

I may be dense
doesn’t even make sense
One day
Another day

You may forget
You may regret
but for now
I don’t know how

To you, my utmost thanks
who made my heart sank.

07-Nov MMXV

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