to the man who taught me how to love life again

wp-1462363425337.jpgwhen we first met, i was a wreck, bits and pieces of the old me, strewn everywhere. i lost my confidence, my will. i am just going through life routinely, like a mundane task i have to finish everyday. I locked myself in a cage, where nobody can reach. On the outside, it would look like i got myself together, that my pain is gone, and i am moving on. But the past was just hidden from the world, when i am alone with my thoughts, it was like a hole i dug up for myself, and i return to it every time. I was a wreck and nobody notices.   The first time we talked, i was just, okay, he’ll do. you were just somebody to pass the time away with. You were simply that until, i found myself waiting, anticipating our talks, making time for it almost everyday. What was once my pastime, became my happy time, my time to say everything. How i am feeling, how i am seeing myself, what i want, what i am missing. minutes have turned to hours, hours into days, days into weeks and months. you have been the only thing that’s constant in my life, your youthfulness is contagious, your zest, your vitality. you have an innocent way about you that has made me feel youthful and energized. it would have been better, it would have lasted, we would have counted years, but i wore my heart on my sleeve, and you saw through everything. it may not have lasted, it may not have worked out. but you gave me a glimpse of how i can still be happy, how to love myself again, and how to take and face life with a smile. you taught me how to live. you gave me the best gift anyone can ever give and that is yourself. by showing me vulnerability, you taught me courage, by showing me happiness, you taught me to see things in a new light. i may have been nobody in my world, but with you, i feel like  i am somebody.

i have been through the worst and now, i know that whatever is coming, i can face it head-on. the only gift i can give you, is me living and enjoying life. loving and laughing and moving on.


If only


I was restless, i was blue
I was lonely, doesn’t even have a clue
I was looking for something new
Then i bumped into you

In a room full of people
Everyone willing to mingle
You stood out in the crowd
I called for you in a voice so loud

You smiled and said hello
So i smiled and gave it a go
We talked for hours on end
Like peas in a pod we blend

Without faces, without traces
We shared woes, we shared praises
Words were all we have to give
Words were enough to live

If only it was true
If only it was you
If only you were here
If only you were near

The words are now unspoken
The bond we shared was broken
The memories have faded
The room is now jaded

One hello was not enough
To last when things get rough
What we shared, how we cared
Are just figments i snared

If only it was real

Then, you would feel

How it is to be shunned

How it is to be stunned

Sad goodbye

wpid-wp-1447896526105.jpgmy friend, i hate to do this
but our friendship just can’t last
the times we shared together
has faded into dust

i knew that this could happen
that our friendship is bound to end
i felt there’s no more reason
for me to be your friend

the promises were broken
with words unspoken
i am finally saying goodbye
with a tear in my eye

with a heavy heart
this is the only way to part
So long my friend
this will be the end

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for my friend

its been a while since the smile
its been ages since the wile
i’ve been through the darkness
i’ve waded through sadness

i’ve kept my share of sorrow
as if there won’t be tomorrow
morning noon and night
cant hardly see the light

now, the sun has risen
above, my spot of heaven
gone were the tears
gone were the fears

i am finally set free
alit with glee
i turn to thee
i am forever me

walk with me in my sorrow
rise with me til tomorrow
erase all my fears
wipe away my tears

thank you dear friend
be with me, til the end

📝 sofi 03 NOV MMXV

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