I am scarred

I've been tossed

I've been pushed

I've been crushed

I've been broken

I got knocked down

I banged my shins

I was hurt

I was wounded

I was gagged

I was bound

My scars are invisible

They're covered in smiles

In laughter and light

They're hidden

Underneath the surface

Beneath a cool exterior

Is a soul that aches

That's hurting

That's thriving

If you can see beyond the superficial

And see a wounded soul

Will you reach out?

Will you hold me close?

Will you ease the pain?


will you turn your back?

simple thoughts

I’ve just recently watched it’s okay that’s loveit's okay that's lovefor the umpteenth time and for me, this is one Korean drama with a feel-good soundtrack, i love almost all the songs throughout the series. plus it has a very interesting story line and the actors are good in portraying their roles. it may be because of good chemistry between the leads; Kong Hyo jin as Ji Hae-Soo, a psychiatrist with an aversion to sex, kissing and marriage was asked to stand-in on a talkshow  where she meets her soon-to-be boyfriend, Jo In-seong as Jang Jae-Yeol, a well-known author that later

on would be diagnosed with schizophrenia plus kong yo jintheir friends who also have their fair share of dysfunction like the leads. it offers a very nice insight about psychology and the intricacies of the human mind. how love can overcome even the most incomprehensible situations, and what being and having a family is all about. i would personally give this show and its soundtrack a two-thumbs up. One of the songs that i really love was the one Jang Jae-Yeol left with Ji Hae-Soo at the couch scene after the divorce party at the park, Ship and the Globe (it’s a song feat. Kae Sun) and i love Jae-Yeol’s swagger here(it’s kinda cute!). then there’s Cross my mind (by twin forks) that was played almost all throughout the series and one which i keep on singing even in the shower. (bad case of LSS for me). next on my song list is You’re my bestfriend (the once) and of course how could i forget Soul (Brandon Pacheco) played at the scene where Jae-Yeol was wind surfing. any which way i look at it, it’s really one of the best soundtrack for Korean dramas for me.

anyway, in case you’re curious as to what these songs are, here’s a link to download: